CONTROLS: Mouse click to navigate/interact with objects (or arrows keys and space, if you prefer keyboard)
TIP: Quick restart by walking through the front door (the dude not the ghost)
TIP: The vacuum is probably a little too overpowered (can something even be op in a puzzle game??) Well, apparently ghosts really hate vacuums!

Get rid of the StepGhost and save your apartment!!!
Interact with "noisy" objects that are hidden through out your apartment, the StepGhost will always take one step away from the direction of the noise (if that makes any sense!) it's a game of trial and error and memorizing (sort of) each "step" taken.
My first game jam and done solo
Based on Ep.72: Step Ghost
My apologizes in advance!!!


Download (44 MB)
Download (45 MB)
Download (49 MB)


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Finally we got to play your shitty game. Please make more levels asshole. Thank you!